Suzanne Bodner


My passion for travel was sparked when I landed a job teaching English in Paris after studying French Language and Literature at Western University in London, Ontario. A whole year to discover in my free time the tiny hidden cultural and gastronomical gems of Paris, the surrounding countryside and nearby European countries! What a thrill to...

experience the castles of the Loire Valley, the wild horses of the Camargue, the pristine beaches of the Italian Riviera, the stunning golden light of Renaissance Florence, the glory of Rome's Sistine Chapel, and the crystal blue waters off the Isle of Capri. There was no staying home for long after that!

On returning to Canada, I lived in Quebec for over 20 years, very much enjoying a career in teaching English as a second language and relishing the richness of a francophone environment right here in my own country. However, my spirit of wanderlust was rarely quiet, and on my holidays, I travelled extensively in Europe, always eager to taste cultural delights and always open to the fun and life lessons that travel brings.

For close to 20 years, I've lived in Kingston, Ontario. At one point during my early retirement from teaching, I became excited about exploring my own Italian heritage through researching my Mum's family's Sicilian roots, enthusiastically studying the Italian language and cultivating Italian friendships here at home and in Italy. It was the thrill of organizing and leading my first exhilarating Today’s Woman Traveller trip to Italy that showed me how fortunate I am to combine my work skills with my passionate curiosity for travel and my love of sharing new travel experiences in the company of like-minded women.

I am so pleased and grateful to be part of the TWT team and to lead small groups of women to discover the treasures of Europe, the USA and Canada.

"Travelling(to Italy) with Suzanne means it will be a ton of fun with as much culture as I want - or not. Suzanne helps me converse with chefs about my food allergies. And most of all because she led such a fantastic Magical Xmas Tour of Old Quebec City 2016, I have signed up for the Magical Xmas Tour of Ottawa 2017!" Susan, Mt. Albert, ON

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