Cecelia Reilly

cecelia reillyI have always had a love affair with travel. I have always had a love affair with learning. New cultures, new people, new languages, all fascinate me. The result is that I have travelled most of North America, some of Central and South America, and the UK. 

Thusfar in my life, I have had 2 successful careers and am now transitioning towards travel as a 3rd.

As a retired police officer currently teaching law and social sciences at an Ontario community college, I have a degree in Psychology from Queen’s University, as well as training and education in education, law, human rights, conflict resolution, violence prevention, mediation, negotiation, and a h

ost of similar areas. I have lots of experience in diverse environments and I think this is why travelling fits my personality so easily. I am energized by the prospect of something new!

Teaching students, mostly energetic young men, who want to be police officers or otherwise work in criminal justice, requires lots and lots of patience. It requires me to understand a group completely different from me, young men. A new generation. I have had to become technologically savvy, inside and out. To communicate with students means I must reach them at their place. This is a lot the same with travel, communicating with new people in their place and having the willingness to try anything to make it work - to be adaptable and flexible and aware of some of the forces at work in their environment. I pride myself on this ability.

When I can, I travel. Solo or with others, family or friends, always the organizer, the researcher. The person who finds the stories about wherever I find myself. I like to bring the past to light and the present closer to myself and my companions.

I have a special affection for South America, the people, culture and languages. Learning and improving my Spanish is an obsession for me, so that my trips have fewer boundaries between me, the Canadian, and the local people. Mi español es mejor cada dia.

So far, I've journeyed to Mexico, Columbia, Peru and Uruguay...and I want more! This time, I plan to take new people with me, so I can share these fascinating countries with others. 

My hobbies include bicycling, reading, historical research, family research, learning Spanish and exploring. My day is very happy when I can spend it exploring new corners of wherever I am, my hometown or a place I am visiting.

I look forward to sharing my love of new culture and exploration with you.

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