Antarctica: Discover The White Continent

From Feb 13 2024 to Feb 23 2024 (10 nights) Print Version Status: Sold Out

Travel to the most remote continent on Earth to experience the beauty of Antarctica and to witness mesmerizing landscapes of ice-choked seas, mountains, bays, fjords, rugged coastlines and mammoth glaciers standing like carved statues. The polar summer is the best time to visit The White Continent with midnight sun, clear skies, temperatures ranging from -2C to 8C, and an abundance of animals and seabirds. We set sail from Argentina across the infamous Drake Passage while spotting albatrosses and petrels, and catching our first glimpses of icebergs. In the Antarctic Peninsula vast glaciers tumble into the sea as this magnificent land of ice will leave you in awe. We will travel ashore to explore the fascinating landscape and walk along beaches with penguins. The massive colonies of penguins allow us intimate encounters as we mingle with different species as they frolic and impress us with their acrobatic tricks. We will navigate mazes of sheltered channels, islands and inlets in zodiacs as whales break the water’s surface and seals loll on ice slabs. Less than 50,000 people visit Antarctica annually, join us to be one of the few on this once-in-a-lifetime tour.

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