Saint-Pierre and Miquelon: A Taste of France

From July 05 2023 to July 10 2023 (5 nights) Print Version Status: Sold Out - accepting waitlists

The archipelago of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is the last French overseas territory in North America. The islands offer a taste of Europe with their own culture, their own way of life, and their own time zone - only 20 kilometers off the southern coast of Newfoundland and reached by a short flight from Halifax. Join us as we explore the charming and colourful town of Saint-Pierre and learn how its rich history of fishing, the rivalry between France and Britain, and the prohibition shaped its culture and architecture. We will indulge in the exceptional food, wine, and pastries that France is famous for, along with seafood fresh from the islands. A visit to Pioneers Island is a journey through time, revealing the lives of the fishermen from years gone by. The neighbouring island of Miquelon-Langlade with its famous sand isthmus allows us to experience the contrasting landscape of sea and lagoons, bogs and cliffs, forests and rocks. Immerse yourself in a truly unique experience and enjoy the culture and novelty of visiting a little piece of France within North America.

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