Did You Know? Rose Industry – Ecuador

The rose ecuadorWho doesn’t like roses! Although roses are not native to Ecuador, there are now over 500 varieties of Ecuadorian roses. Ecuador is the world’s third largest exporter of cut flowers with the majority being roses making up 75% of flower exports. Due to the advantage of the roses’ stem size, and larger rose buds and blooms, Ecuadorian roses are considered the best of the world.

Ecuador rose farms are the only ones in the world that can produce roses with stems over 5 feet tall. In addition to growing the tallest, fullest roses in the world, Ecuador boasts a large variety of colours and colour combinations. This is partly due to the longer growing cycle of Ecuadorian roses, which is typically about 15 weeks as opposed to the standard eight weeks. Longer growth cycles help create colour varieties that include popular bi-colored roses featuring different hues on the insides and edges of the petals.


The rose2 ecuador

The altitude (2,800 – 3,000 m / 9,186 – 9,842 ft) and the cool nights create the best atmosphere for long-stem roses. The altitude also adds to the lack of insects and organisms normally found at lower elevations so aids in the roses being healthier by not being eaten or damaged in the growth process. With year-round sunlight, this also means that little artificial lighting is needed for growth even during the winter months. Having plenty of birds, bees, and butterflies for pollination purposes, Ecuadorian roses can thrive better than those in less diverse ecosystems.

Ecuador offers the largest selection of roses in the most amazing colors, from natural colored roses like red, white, pink, light pink and lavender to exotic tinted roses like the black roses and rainbow roses.

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